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C4D in Humanitarian Action Case Studies

Given the increase in humanitarian and emergency situations related to disease outbreaks and public health emergencies, natural disasters, and refugee situations and violent conflict, UNICEF C4D is increasing efforts to synthesize and learn from these experiences to regularly inform technical support to national and local partners, facilitate cross-regional learning and strengthen our approaches to humanitarian action and emergency response including accountability to affected populations (AAP). Each of these case studies provides a brief introduction and background about the humanitarian situation or emergency, an overview of the C4D response, and lessons learned and recommendations for future action. In addition, each one addresses relevant preparedness, response and recovery issues.

Sierra Leone mudslide response 2017: Using digital platforms to place affected populations at the heart of the response

Conflict-affected Eastern Ukraine in 2016 – 2017: Storytelling as a tool to strengthen the inclusion of fragile communities

South Sudan cholera response 2016-2017: Engaging communities outside the reach of conventional communication and community engagement approaches

Nepal Earthquake 2015: Engaging communities to build resilience and accountability mechanisms

2017 Rohingya Emergency Response: Information Feedback Centres strengthen community feedback mechanisms

Communication for Development n Humanitarian Action Case Studies Compendium 2019

Guatemala Fuego volcano 2018: Participatory production and the strengthening of local capacity for accountability to affected populations

Ukraine 2016: Superheroes against mines: Edutainment approach to engaging children in mine safety

Ghana cholera outbreak 2014 – 2015: Engaging youth through multisectoral partnerships and the Agoo digital platform

Syria IDP Response 2018: C4D-WASH response to the needs of IDPs in shelters in East Ghouta


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